The Dead Will Rise and Save Us, Veliz Books (2016)


“Motion Without Meaning” — Sixfold (Winter 2014)

“Desert Koans #8 & #9” – Inquiring Mind (Spring 2013)

“Town Council Orders an Evacuation” – MAKE Magazine (Winter 2012)

“The Rain Parade” – PALABRA (Fall 2009)

Fiction in Anthologies:

“The Rain Parade” – New Border Voices: An Anthology (TAMU Press, 2014)

“encobijado”- Mezcla 2 (Tumblewords, 2013)


“Deicide” – Rattle #36 (Winter 2011)

“A Small Hearth of Light” – BorderSenses (Fall 2006)

Non-Fiction in Anthologies:

“Criterion Number 3: Unstable Sense of Self; ca. `1993” — Critical Storytelling from the Borderlands (Brill Sense Publishers, 2022)

“The Bridge to an Alien Nation” – Our Lost Border: Essays on Life Amid the Narco-Violence (Arte Público Press, 2013)

Stage Play:

“Requests and the God Machines” – BorderSenses (Spring 2004)

Book Reviews:

“Manuel Martínez’s Day of the Dead” – Confluencia (Fall 2010)


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