My first essay about my experiences living with mental illness, “Criterion Number 3: Unstable Sense of Self; ca. 1993,” will be published in the upcoming anthology, Critical Storytelling from the Borderlands, forthcoming from Brill Sense Publishers, Netherlands (Summer 2022). I’m excited to share the essay and also to finally have some nonfiction about mental illness out in the world.

My short story collection, The Dead Will Rise and Save Us, is available from Veliz Books.  You can purchase my book at Small Press Distribution and Amazon.

Check out New Border Voices (Texas A&M University Press).  It features my story, “The Rain Parade,” and the work of some remarkable writers from both sides of the Texas-Mexico border.  Our Lost Border: Essays on Life Amid the Narco-Violence (Arte Publico Press) is also available and features my essay, “The Bridge to an Alien Nation.”

My story, “Motion Without Meaning,” is available to read at https://www.sixfold.org/FicWinter14/Pedroza.html



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